Coolio Open Air Coolers

Open air coolers, also known as open air refrigerators are refrigeration systems that display products for customers in the retail environment.

The concept of Coolio is based on having promotional open air coolers that are temporary. You can promote chilled products in-store to your customers without having to open and close doors and have the flexibility of placing the unit in strategic locations throughout the retail environment.

Coolio Open Air Cooler Advantages

Permanent Cooler Coolio & Freshboard
Special Transport needed making the unit more costly Easy to deliver
Permanent nature becomes “white noise” over a short period of time Plug & Play Unit
Difficult to rebrand when you decide to feature different products. Small Footprint & Easy to relocate
Impact Ratio from 2>34% Impact ratio 17>55%
A minimum of 2 hours of installation time. Visual change in 10 min
Difficult to recycle its components Recyclable & Sustainable materials
Not easily to cross-merchandise Easily cross merchandiseable


Additional benefits of the Coolio Open Air Cooler:

> No glass door required
> Easy for potential customers to reach their products
> Easily transportable due to its lighter weight
> A perfect solution for impulse shopping of products that need to be chilled

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Thanks to COOLIO there now is a way to launch and promote refrigerated products out of the limited confines of the fixed permanent coolers of the grocery stores. Because the objective of in-store communication is to reach the shopping consumer with the right message at the right place, COOLIO is the ideal promotional cooler display tool for short term refrigerated promotions.

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