Coolio Refrigerated Showcases

Refrigerated Showcases

Coolio is a perfect tool to launch and promote refrigerated showcase products. Historically when you wanted to launch a new refrigerated product you would have to remove something you already had on the shelves to make room. With Coolio you can promote your product with a 360 degree billboard calling out to passing customers.

All Coolio units are custom printed corrugate displays that are meant to be changed up every 3 months. This goes along with the POPAI stat that states that after 12 weeks in field displays become “white” to the customer. This means that your customer will no longer see your display as they pass by it in store.

It is important to keep changing your message on your refrigerated showcase to keep your customers attention and to attract new customers.

Coolios are on 4 casters which allow you to more your refrigerated showcase anywhere in store. This makes cross merchandising opportunities available to products that wouldn’t have been able to be placed elsewhere. Why not put whipping cream next to the strawberries or hotdogs right next to the bun.

Attractive and affordable countertop refrigerated display cases


Thanks to COOLIO there now is a way to launch and promote refrigerated products out of the limited confines of the fixed permanent coolers of the grocery stores. Because the objective of in-store communication is to reach the shopping consumer with the right message at the right place, COOLIO is the ideal promotional cooler display tool for short term refrigerated promotions.

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