Freshboard Check-out

Using COOLIO™ in combination with our Check-Out Freshboard™ results in an effective way of utilizing space in the aisle of any supermarket or convenience store and this with a specific height! A unique design to stand out at the point of sale.

Easy-to-set-up cardboard sleeve (Freshboard™) that fits perfect on the e-Coolio unit
Offering variable temperatures between 2 and 6 °C
Generous branding space with high visual impact
Can be (re)deployed in just a few minutes
Recyclable material
2 adjustable shelves + bottom tray that can hold each 30 kg.
Optional led light enhances the visibility of your products

Weight Freshboard™: 16.5 lbs / 7.5  kg

Dimensions: 62"H x 17.5"W x 17"D 

Life cycle of 12 weeks (single set-up)


Thanks to COOLIO there now is a way to launch and promote refrigerated products out of the limited confines of the fixed permanent coolers of the grocery stores. Because the objective of in-store communication is to reach the shopping consumer with the right message at the right place, COOLIO is the ideal promotional cooler display tool for short term refrigerated promotions.

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